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Sales and Marketing strategies to focus


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Clearly, there's a huge amount of information available on the subject of Sales & Marketing. For many, information overload, and often confusing!

And too many sharks, either competitors, or worse still those offering the quick fix !

So my aim here is to share what I believe are the essential factors that need to be understood at the outset as the foundation for realistic Sales & Marketing.


Ensure your Sales & Marketing approach provides for:

  1. Focussing on the right space; ideally a market niche or segment – underpinned with thorough market research, validation & a robust target market selection process which addresses the relative market merits of $ return vs. risk.

  2. Truly understanding & responding to customer needs.

  3. The ‘WOW Factor’ – you have something to offer which is relevant, compelling, well differentiated from the competition, and supported with a great ‘pitch’.

  4. Targeted, Consistent, and Balanced Promotional Campaigns – for increased exposure, brand acceptance and quality leads.

  5. Quality Marketing Material – to support your promotional campaigns and to reflect your intended brand messages; to reinforce your Value Proposition; to help you ‘fight above your weight’ (but with credibility); and to differentiate you from the competition.

  6. Great Expertise – (a) internal sales and marketing personnel who are motivated with top notch skills, support tools, and the necessary budget. (b) External resource, particularly for internet marketing,  and with 'real', credible reliable, and well networked people for in-market representation.

  7. Proactive, Structured, and highly professional Engagement – to build trusting/liking/ongoing relationships with targeted prospects and leads; take greater control with the Sales Process; display credibility; pre-empt and disarm expected objections; negotiate where needed and close the deal.

  8. Consistently ‘Walk the Talk’ with Core Values – to be a ‘breath of fresh air’;  recognised as a  sincere operator; and to build trust with all your stakeholders/people who are important.

  9. Preparation & Decisiveness – with sales personnel abreast of the pipeline and serious lead       opportunities - and empowered (within guideline boundaries) to make necessary decisions to close the business.

  10. ‘Finger on the Pulse’ – providing for regular review of the competition; how well your strategies and activities are working, and fine-tuning as appropriate.

 Would love to here your thoughts, what I may have missed, etc. Please comment below.





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Sort the Fundamentals !

It's a Big Ocean out there ... understand & professionally target your spot.


Here are  10 key factors, based on my 30+ years of international experience, where I have taken a lead role to position and win contracts/projects of varying sizes and complexity in many different countries. 

Discuss these with your colleagues, and fine-tune. Agree on the key top line factors.

Then drill down into more detailed strategies, tasks and activities to deliver effective Sales & Marketing!


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