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Recently I have been helping some clients to create videos to promote a particular product or service, or an upcoming event like a launch, webinar, special offer etc. An introductory sample is shown here.

When promoting through your website, or social media (e.g. Facebook or LinkedIn ads), it is essential to recognise that your target audience increasingly use their mobile phones to access information - so your promotion must be mobile user friendly; plus of course interesting and informative to capture their attention (which often is limited to under 8 seconds)! 

Mobile users in particular will not be bothered with trying to scrawl through heaps of text and boring static images. Rather, you stand far greater chance of engagement by enticing them with captivating content that uses motion, some graphics and short key text to support a Voice Over and the marketing messages that you want them to 'take action' on.

Feedback on the videos I have done has been awesome and encouraged me to add this string to my bow; in addition to my business coaching services!

I have put up a site ( to show the range - Whiteboard; hand sketching turning into real images; video background style; with/without avatars/'toons'; male/female Voice Over choices; different music background options -  and I would love to talk with you about how this marketing approach can really make a difference. Time to Stand Out?









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Periodically, I will be sharing content that I believe will be useful for my clients and other SME Business Owners and Managers out there who are serious about business growth, whether at home or in export markets. 

The content will be based on my 35+ years working in the international environment at various levels, including CEO, GM, various commercial management positions, and as a Business Coach over the last 10 years working with SME Business owners and their teams in the manufacturing/engineering field. During my career I have lived and worked in New Zealand, the UK, and North America; and I have gained a great deal of experience in these markets, plus South America and ASEAN.

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