Serious about growing your business ?

Consider the Critical Success Factors

  • Your aspirations & real goals.
  • Your Business Model.
  • Your Planning Platform.
  • Possible 'Focus Areas' for moving forward e.g :
- Target Market.
- Your product/service; possible R&D.
- Distribution Channels.
- Sales & Marketing
- Capacity to Sustain Growth
e.g. Systems, Financials & HR.
  • 'Keeping your Finger on the Pulse'

About the Author: Neil Sayer is an award winning CEO and leading Business Coach with extensive experience in NZ, Australia, North & South America, UK and ASEAN.

For improved results, less stress !

Gain traction, focus, buy-in


Work through the eBook Checklist, ideally with colleagues. Then home in on: 

  • A clear & realistic Business Model?
  • Priority  "Focus Areas" moving forward.
    • Areas in your business to leverage?
    • Areas to plug ?
  • Strategies, tasks, activities, timeframes, resourcing.
  • Review & accountability.