Checklists, Key Considerations, Step by Step Processes

Review current Sales & Marketing practices & identify changes needed for better results!

  • Great for CEO's, General Manager's, Business Development & Sales/Marketing professionals.
  • Key considerations on what works from an internationally experienced operator.
  • Dig deeper into:
    • Targeting the right market(s).
    • New Market Entry.
    • Distribution Model/Channels.
    • Sales & Marketing strategies & activities.

“Neil was my CEO of Glidepath Group for 6 years from 1997 to 2003, an extremely high growth and successful period for my company. Highlights were:   – his strategic approach to reposition our company to be  a lead supplier and contractor in target markets with expert turnkey capability in our field of designers, manufacturers and installers of airport baggage handling and security systems in a global market   – under Neil’s leadership we entered new markets in South America and Canada. Neil displayed his expertise in sales and marketing, high level negotiating and contracting a number of milestone projects at Vancouver, Toronto, Santiago and a whole string of other lesser but important airports.  During his tenure he set us up for continuing international growth and success.   I can recommend Neil as an extremely competent marketing and exporting executive.”

Sir Ken Stevens KNZM – Chairman Glidepath Ltd

“I have been working with Neil as our Business Coach/Mentor for about 18 month now. Before we started working with Neil, we were far too broad in our approach and lacked focus. We were trying to get our product into many markets throughout the world, and as a relatively new start up company we had a very tight budget and limited supporting systems. . With Neil’s advice and experience we were able to set our focus on our key target markets and industries, backed up with a sound business strategy and the introduction of relevant and user friendly systems. We are now seeing the results and have successfully come through the start-up phase and are now winning targeted projects internationally.”

Carey West – Owner & Director, Loadscan Ltd