Within 12 Weeks, you can 'Get a Grip' on your business:

  • Ease the stress.
  • Gain direction, focus, results, buy-in. 

We will look at:

  • Key strategies and activities  to achieve and sustain business growth, all based on my experience of what works out there and importantly, what doesn't!

  • A simplified, Step by Step process,

    to integrate these strategies and activities into a dynamic Growth Plan that actually works for your business!

Your host: Neil Sayer, award winning CEO and leading Business Coach with extensive experience in NZ, Australia, North & South America, UK and ASEAN.
Neil Sayer

Benefit from 30+ years of practical international experience 


This Webinar is intended for SME Business Owners, CEO'S and Managers who are serious but struggling to go to the next level. I have been there and certainly can relate to the challenges!


The Webinar will be full of Real World considerations, tips and guidance and will run for approximately 1 hour.

During the Webinar I will share some 'golden nuggets' on achieving:

  • Exporter of the Year (TRADENZ/NZTE) and numerous Export Awards.
  • Leading an SME to grow from circ. $10M to $40M sales in 6 years while significantly improving the bottom-line.
  • Growing and maintaining high performance teams.
  • Positioning for and winning targeted international projects.
  • Buy-in to company direction, focus, and activity from key stakeholders.